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Conversion of St. Paul Shrine

The Conversion of St. Paul Shrine was an Episcopal church built in 1876 in Cleveland Ohio.  It was located on Euclid Avenue in the middle of "Millionaire's Row", several who were prominent members of the congregation.

In 1931 is was sold to the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.  A convent was built and the Poor Clares moved in during 1932.  The church was restored in the early 2000's and the Poor Clares remain there today.

The Poor Clares were established by Mother Marie de Ste. Claire Bouillevaux in 1856 in Troyes, France for the express purpose of Eucharistic worship in a spirit of thanksgiving.  Presently 17 nuns have heeded the call of poverty, chastity, and obedience; and a daily life of prayer and adoration.