President: Moses Zacharewicz

Moses is the smartest of all of us. His gentle leadership and soft hearted mannerisms set the standard for high customer service. Moses has been known to part the waters to help people out.

Vice President and CFO: Zacchaeus Zacharewicz

Zacchaeus possesses boundless energy, running from one activity to the next, yet still taking time to rest. His dual personality of "Dr. Snuggles" and "Mr. Bitey" makes him beloved by all.

Zacchaeus is an expert in managing business taxes.

Director of Engineering & Operations: Ed Enyedy

Ed leads the design and manufacturing teams. With 30+ years of new product engineering experience, he is well versed in all the steps necessary to create great, inspiring products.

In his spare time, Ed rides bicycles and some times races a train.

Leopard Architectural Models LLC

36580 Garretts Cove Drive

Eastlake, OH 44095