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B&O 12'x15' Interlocking Tower - O Scale

This is a kit for the Baltimore & Ohio's 12' x 15' "standard" wooden interlocking tower.   Included with the kit are:

  • Walls printed as a single unit
  • Roof as a single part
  • The stairway to the upper door is printed as 2 pieces.   The lower stairway is another piece.
  • Multiple window styles (closed, open and boarded) to customize for different eras.
  • 2 doors.
  • Floor
  • A set of interlocking levers.
  • Parts for the coal house

Suggested Floquil colors for post 1946 era are:

Engine Black
Weathered Black (trim)
Aged Concrete (foundation)
Antique White (ceiling)
Depot Buff (exterior walls)
Freight Car Red (chimney)
CN Gray (interior walls)

Tower's similar to this one were located at:  
FO Foley, Pa.
HN Philson, Pa.
Q Hyndman, Pa.
GA Garrett, Pa.
P Piedmont, W. Va.
FN Patterson Creek, W. Va.
BJ Brooklyn Jct. (New Martinsville, W. Va.)
JN Toledo, Oh.
US Colfax, W. Va.
UN Farmington, W. Va.
CX Cameron, W. Va.
SX Parkersburg, W. Va.
N Cochran, Oh.
SIRT Bay St.
VN Vincennes, In.
F Lawrenceburg, In.
AS Grosvenor, Oh.

Special thanks to Bruce Elliot for the suggested colors and tower locations.

Historic photo from, Foley tower in Ohio   

Model photos are of a completed HO scale kit. This is an unassembled kit with parts fabricated with 3D printing. Adhesive, paint, signs, figures, window "glass" and other scenery are not included.

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