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East Brookfield Depot - N Scale

 The East Brookfield (MA) depot was built for the Boston & Albany in 1894 and is a classic example of the Richardson Romanesque style.  It remained in service until March, 1960 and it was destroyed by arson on September 18, 2010 during a period where there were discussions of restoring it.  

Special thanks to Tom Long for the inspiration to create the model and accurate dimensions.

Further information about the East Brookfield Depot may be found at

N Scale = 5.9" long, 3.3" wide, 1.9" tall

This is an unassembled kit with parts fabricated with 3D printing. Parts included are: roof, walls, windows, doors, and roof braces.  Adhesive, paint, signs, figures, window "glass" and other scenery are not included.

Finished N-scale model by Tom Long

Black and white photos courtesy of East Brookfield Historical Society

Color photos by Ron Chouinard

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