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Sandpatch - HO Scale

This is a kit for the Baltimore & Ohio's / Chessie / CSX Sandpatch, Pennsylvania interlocking tower.   Windows are included for both "as built" (double hung windows) and "modern" (glass block) windows.  Included with the kit are:


  • Walls printed as a single unit
  • Roof with a chimney
  • Windows and doors, including glass block windows
  • 72 lever pistol grip interlocking machine
  • Spiral staircase

Compressor and Tool Shed

  • Walls, doors and windows
  • Roof

Extra Details

  • Summit of the Alleghenies sign
  • Oil Tanks and barrels

Color photos of the actual tower from 

Black and white photos from the Summit magazine, courtesy of Barry Kenner

Model photos are of a HO scale kit. This is an unassembled kit with parts fabricated with 3D printing. Adhesive, paint,  figures, window "glass" (except glass block) and other scenery are not included.

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