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Sandpatch - S Scale

This is a kit for the Baltimore & Ohio's / Chessie / CSX Sandpatch, Pennsylvania interlocking tower.   Included with the kit are:


  • Walls printed as a single unit
  • Roof with a chimney
  • Windows and doors, including glass block windows
  • 72 lever pistol grip interlocking machine
  • Spiral staircase

Compressor and Tool Shed

  • Walls, doors and windows
  • Roof

Extra Details

  • Summit of the Alleghenies sign
  • Oil Tanks and barrels


Historical photos from 

Model photos are of an unfinished HO scale kit. This is an unassembled kit with parts fabricated with 3D printing. Adhesive, paint, signs, figures, window "glass" (except glass block) and other scenery are not included.

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