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Tower D Grafton, WV - N scale

Grafton, WV was a thriving town in the early 1900's.   Coal and timber supported the economy and the town itself was named for a prominent Baltimore & Ohio engineer.  The population peaked in 1920 and is now half what it once was.   Notable railroad buildings still remaining are the station and hotel, both built in 1911. 

Also built in 1911 was Tower D, a gem of an interlocking tower.  Much of the upper exterior was clad in copper and the structure was topped with a tile roof.  It never had Armstrong levers; most probable was a pistol grip interlocking machine.   Throughout it's 100+ year existence various modifications occurred.  Externally, the changes included replacing the tile roof with a shingled roof (likely in the '40's or early 50's) and the boarding up of different windows.   CSX razed Tower D in 2018.

Our kit includes parts to model Tower D in any time period.  Included are two roofs (one tile and the other shingled), and two sets of doors and windows.

Special thanks for Arthur Hall and Brian Bland for providing drawings and photos.

Model photos are of a completed HO scale kit.   This is an unassembled kit with parts fabricated with 3D printing.    Adhesive, paint, signs, figures, window "glass" and other scenery are not included.

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